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Accreditation: Do you have total assets in excess of INR 2 Crores (USD 300,000) excluding your primary home OR an annual income exceeding INR 1.2 Crores (USD 200,000) OR exceeding INR 1.5 Crores (USD 250,000) jointly with your spouse?

Anticipated minimum budget : The minimum investment per deal is expected to be in the region of INR 15 Lakhs (USD 25,000) and above. As a measure of prudence and financial discipline we highly recommend diversification of your investment portfolio between different asset classes as well as in different investments in each such asset class.

Investment Budget (One Year)*

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No. Scope of Service Investor Fees*

Deal Origination

  • On-ground search by offline team to identify potential enterprises creating social impact
  • Shortlisting enterprises for fund raise applying proprietary BayTree filters

Enterprise Verification

  • Free registration by the Enterprise
  • Vetting enterprise credentials

Basic Diligence

  • Assist in development of Enterprise profile
  • Basic diligence (including calls with the promoter and site visit on best effort basis)
  • Access to proprietary BayTree templates
  • Impact assessment ( including assistance with choice of impact metrics)

Transaction Services

  • Provision of term sheet, share subscription agreement and shareholders’ agreement
  • Assistance in amendments to transaction documents
  • Assistance in transaction closure including drafting resolutions for allotment of shares and incorporation of terms of the agreements in the Articles
  Total NIL


Due Diligence (Optional)

  • Financial and Business Due Diligence
    • Review of the financial statements
    • Site visit
    • Calls/meetings with key stakeholders
  • Legal Due Diligence

    To be evaluated depending on the age of and quantum of activities undertaken by the Company

0.5% of the amount raised subject to a minimum of INR 75,000
(See Note 2)

INR 25,000-INR 100,000

Post Investment Management (Optional)

  • MIS and Compliance
  • Statutory and Internal Audit
  • Impact Assessment and Reporting
(See Note 2)

* Fees excludes GST and such other taxes which will be levied separately


  1. BayTree may partner with third party vendors and fees will be payable even if the transaction is not consummated. The scope can be customized and fee will vary accordingly
  2. BayTree will shortlist and provide access to third party vendors. Parties can negotiate scope and fees directly. BayTree may choose to provide impact assessment services in-house.

Know What You’re Signing Up For


The service provided by baytree is to provide a platform where interested investors and investment seekers can discover each other and interact online. baytree does not provide any services which includes:


 1. Providing prospectus of any company;

 2. Providing an advertisement in relation to any company; and/ or

 3. Offering shares, bonds or securities of any kind to general public.


While investment involves high risk, you are expected to be aware of and evaluate such risks based on your own knowledge, wisdom and advice of your advisors before making any investment through baytree. baytree is not liable for any kind of risks undertaken by you in relation to making any kind of investments.

 Recommended best practices in respect of your investments are following:


 A. You should always consider your risk taking capacity before investing. It may be more likely for you to lose money than to get returns. The venture in which you invest may take years to provide any returns at all.

 B. If you are a beginner, then you should consider investing in small amounts. It is advised not to invest more that 10% of your total net worth.

 C. Invest small amounts in multiple ventures rather than investing a big amount in a single venture. This way your stakes are distributed and chances of losing all your money is diluted. Invest only when you have enough money to invest at least in 5 (five) different ventures.

 D. If you are a beginner, co-invest with an experienced investor and be ready to lose while you learn. You may not have the same rights in relation to an investment as other experienced investors.

 E. Do not rely on press or media to decide in which venture to invest. Do not invest in a venture just because a famous personality is associated with the venture. Plans and information in relation to ventures using baytree, keeps on changing constantly. It is possible that baytree is not updated in real time. Do your own research.

 F. Keeps your investments your own secret. Don’t discuss or make any forecasts in public.

 G. At baytree, we believe that mission of a venture is more important than the profit. Investments are your own decision hence they are your own responsibility. WHEN IN DOUBT, DO NOT INVEST.

 H. Returns and success of any investment depends on multiple factors including general and global economic conditions. Any statement on baytree which makes forecast of any return is uncertain. baytree does not take any guarantee the performance of any venture listed on the website.

 I. For the nature of ventures registered on baytree, it is difficult to analyse the magnitude of risk involved. You may not get your returns by the way of dividends. You might get returns only upon winding up, merger, acquisition, initial public offering etc. of the venture. Any investments made in specific technologies might not become as successful as expected.

 J. Please seek advice of your lawyer and tax consultant to understand the risks involved and the investment and tax repercussions, before Investing.


 We trust you and believe that all the information that you provide us will be true, accurate and up to date. We expect that you will follow all the rules, regulations and any law made by Government/ authorities that may be applicable to you. If you violate any such rules and regulations then you promise to defend and indemnify everyone involved in giving you a great service, including baytree, our officers, directors, employees, representatives, consultants and agents.

This is a summary and has been simplified for you for your convenience. Our complete Terms of Use and Service read with our Privacy Policy from our entire agreement with you. You can always refuse to use our services if you don’t agree to our Terms of Use and Service and/ or our Privacy Policy.

By visiting baytree and availing our services, you accept the Terms of Use and Service and Privacy Policy.


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