baytree is mobilising investors who believe in combining financial returns with social impact.

We believe that impact investing represents a significant opportunity to bring the innovation, incentives, and resources from business to the social sector. When it is about impact investing - whether you are a high net-worth individual or institutional investor in India or overseas, baytree is the place for you.

Access to curated deals across wide range of sectors – enterprises are presented after rigorous filtering and verification process by the baytree team. Deep-rooted networks enable the platform to list a wide range of enterprises.

Become a lead investor or participate in a syndicate - choose to invest either singly or in a group (syndicate) as you share the risks and learn alongside more experienced investors. Either way, baytree can help you through the entire investment process and beyond.

Impact assessment – key USP of baytree and is embedded across the life cycle of the deal including enterprise screening, due diligence and post investment management.

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*Registration for investors is free but listing on our platform requires validation by our team to ensure we have a credible investor community on the platform.

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