Impact is the bedrock of the baytree model – embedded across the lifecycle of an investment.

baytree has integrated impact assessment through the life cycle of the deal from due diligence to post investment. Enterprises undergo diligence on their Theory of Change before they can become eligible for investment through the baytree platform.

baytree has also set up a post- investment service to track both, the financial and social performance of the enterprises funded via its platform. We have used the Global Impact Investment Network’s (GIIN) IRIS Metrics to bring this service to you. IRIS is a catalogue of generally accepted performance metrics for impact investing. It takes the guess work out of impact investing and will help the industry grow as we measure, report and compare performance data against a commonly accepted set of metrics.

How do you use IRIS?

IRIS metrics are designed to measure the social, environmental and financial performance of an investment. Filter based on your investment priorities and focus areas. The filter process is inclusive, so as you add criteria, applicable metrics will be added. Use the bookmark icon to save chosen metrics along the way. Download your selections when you have completed your search. If you need further help please contact Team baytree

Access IRIS metrics

You can access the full IRIS catalogue and select the best metrics for you here.

This video and IRIS metrics copyright @ GIIN / IRIS.

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