baytree has developed a framework to assess the social, economic and environmental impact of enterprises.

Type of Impact

  • Economic Increase in household income
  • Social - Better access to goods and services
    - Affordability
    - Improved quality
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Women Empowerment Businesses that benefit women as owners, employees or customers

Target Beneficiaries

  • Low income households
  • Underserved population

Scalability and Sustainability

  • Can the business grow to address larger customer base?
  • Is the business financially sustainable?

Social impact and financial returns are not mutually exclusive

Impact investments offer a range of returns and different investors may have different expectations – from below market rate of return to risk adjusted rate of return

baytree target enterprises

  • Traditional Philanthrophy
  • Venture Philanthrophy
  • Impact investing
  • Sustainable/ESG Investing
  • Responsible/SRI Investing
  • Traditional Investing

Lets take you through some examples of how we look at impact.

A FinTech company that offers on-tap, small, affordable loans to the MSME sector.

  • Target Beneficiaries

    MSME borrowers with income of INR 1 — 5 lakhs per annum

    Provides loans ranging from INR 2,000 —1 lakh for a tenure of 90 days, disbursed in 60 seconds — 7 hours

  • Manner of Impact Intervention has led to:

    Reduced cost of loans for MSMEs by offering affordable loans at 2% per 30 days

    Providing finance to 93% of MSMEs who may not have credit history and access to mainstream credit facilities

  • Scale of Impact

    7,600+ loans disbursed to date, book size INR 23.5 crores

    Target to disburse 250,000 loans by 2020

  • Target Beneficiaries

    The company procures fresh produce from small and marginal farmers in Maharashtra.

    Farmers with <2 acres of land earning <1.5 lakhs/annum.

  • Manner of Impact Intervention has led to:

    Price assurance to farmers(up to 50% premium over cost).

    Estimated total realization increases on average by 10%.

  • Scale of Impact

    3,000 registered farmers accross the districs of Pune, Nasik and parts of Ahmednagar.

    Projected to impact more than 25,000 farmers.

  • Target Beneficiaries

    Informed Waste pickers (4000+) earning < INR 700 per week.

    Reducing waste to dump sites by sorting and processing of waste, currently deal with 170 tons of waste per month.

  • Manner of Impact

    > 30% rise in weekly income of waste pickers.

    Processing 4000+ tons of waste since inception in 2015.

  • Scale of Impact

    Projected to impact 20,000+ waste pickers by 2021.

    Plans to manage 26,000 tons of waste by 2019.

Partnered with IRIS for impact assessment

baytree has partnered with Global Impact Investment Network's (GIIN) IRIS to track both, the financial and social performance of the enterprises funded via its platform. IRIS is a catalogue of generally accepted performance metrics for impact investing. It takes the guess work out of impact investing and will help the industry grow as we measure, report and compare performance data against a commonly accepted set of metrics. You can access the full IRIS catalogue and select the best metrics for you here.
This video and IRIS metrics copyright @ GIIN / IRIS.

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