• What is BayTree?
  • Baytree is an assisted online marketplace to connect socially motivated investors to commercial enterprises who are driven by a social purpose.
  • Who are the founders?
  • BayTree has been co-founded by Anuradha Bajaj and Ramesh Venkat. Between them, they have extensive experience across banking, private equity investing, setting up of investment vehicles, impact investing, international development and policy making.
  • Is it legal to raise money through BayTree?
  • Yes, it is legal to raise money through BayTree. BayTree is a marketplace and does not pool or collect funds on its own balance sheet. Rather, it connects enterprises and investors and facilitates the transfer of funds in the form of equity. The decisions on whether or not to go ahead with a transaction are taken by the parties themselves and the funds flow directly between the investors and the enterprises.
  • How do I reset my password?
  • You can change your password via the settings menu on your profile page. Click on the drop down arrow next to your name on the top right corner of the page, opt for Settings and change your password.

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