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Social Impact: The Millennial Perspective

Palak Jain
September 11, 2017

As I was graduating from one of the esteemed universities in the world, like many others I assumed that a well paying job in Mumbai would give me the feeling of fulfillment. Life here was super fast and rather fascinating in the beginning. I was dedicated towards my job and driven to give my best at any given time. As a few months passed, I started noticing a change in my behavior - I was unhappy. Was it because the infatuation to this new life was gradually fading away? Every night after work I would ask myself - if not this then what will make me happy? I did not have a concrete plan in mind, but I was confident that I wanted to do something meaningful in life. 

Trying to understand what that ‘something’ was, I started seeking advice from my peers and mentors and learnt that this feeling is common among the millennials. They are known for being tech savvy and well connected to the world through social media. Additionally, they want to bring meaning to their work and improve the lives of people around them. Since they seek out for opportunities that are highly meaningful to them, they often get attracted to cause-driven work. Money is not a good enough motivation for this generation. 

Why do they enjoy impact investment space? They tend to be happier with work when they know that their efforts will support organizations with a clearly defined pledge or mission of improving quality of education, healthcare access, environmental sustainability, access to drinking water and sanitation etc. while aiming to generate returns in the process. 

The social entrepreneurs from this generation are coming up with great models that are financially sustainable to tackle chronic social challenges they notice and create the change they want to see.

As far as my experience goes - I have been in this space since 4 months and every single day has been an inspiring one. I interact with several highly motivated entrepreneurs who truly believe that profit and purpose go hand in hand. They can make the world a better place but only if we aid in the process and address a significant gap that is impeding the flow of impact capital. This is the gap that BayTree is trying to plug by making the early stage enterprises investor-ready and connecting them with like-minded investors.

I have just started my journey and I have a lot to learn and a long way to go!



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