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BayTree – The Journey so far…

Abhay Garg
June 26, 2017

I have often been asked this question in the last few months – why BayTree?

My journey with BayTree began much before I joined the organization. It began with an introspection of my work at Acumen. We had set about with the mission to change the way world tackles poverty and had our own share of success and failures. I observed that capital markets continued to be highly inefficient, particularly for impact investing. Perhaps, it lacked the glamour and the glory of the e-consumer world.

So, what was my ideal solution that could amplify social impact? Will it be another fund or investing role? Will I bring my years of evaluating businesses to mentor and advise entrepreneurs and investors alike? I wanted to do something more innovative that removed the imperfections in the market - along came BayTree.

It was providence that I met Anuradha and Ramesh (co-founders of BayTree). I was excited about the idea of an online market place that could expand the community and bridge the capital gap. While we will not be investing our own capital in social enterprises, we will only be a few steps away, as we build a robust platform that assures reliability, flexibility and speed in the equity funding process for both the investors and enterprises.

BayTree is unique and I am proud of the team as we have gone Live! with a game changing idea.   


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