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BayTree Partners with UK based Impact Agora

Aquilia Gonsalves
May 26, 2020

BayTree Ventures, India's leading marketplace for impact investing is pleased to announce a partnership with Impact Agora, a UK based institutional marketplace for impact investing, to reach a broader audience of investors. Impact Agora is a… More

B2B Tech-Led Artisan Platform Lal10 Raises Pre-series A Funding via BayTree

Aquilia Gonsalves
March 16, 2020

BayTree announced today that it has facilitated a pre-series A investment in Lal10. Lal10, a tech-led, B2B artisan platform started by ex Flipkart, IIT Madras, and DCE alumni, recently announced that they raised $… More

Medical Response Leader StanPlus Raises $1.5M in Pre-Series A Funding Through BayTree

Joel Rogrigues
March 13, 2020

Hyderabad-based StanPlus Tech which provides medical response services to large hospitals and corporates, has raised $ 1.5M in a pre-Series A funding round led by Pegasus FinInvest, with participation from Hyderab… More

Social Impact: The Millennial Perspective

Palak Jain
September 11, 2017

As I was graduating from one of the esteemed universities in the world, like many others I assumed that a well paying job in Mumbai would give me the feeling of fulfillment. Life here was super fast and rather fas… More

BayTree – The Journey so far…

Abhay Garg
June 26, 2017

I have often been asked this question in the last few months – why BayTree?

My journey with BayTree began much before I joined the organization. It began with an introspection of my work at Acumen. We had set about with th… More

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