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BayTree works with early stage companies that create impact to fulfill their capital needs

  • Digitising the supply chain of the footwear industry

    Investment ask: INR 3,50,00,000 Livelihood
  • Moneyboxx provides business loans to among the most under-served segment in tier-3 and below towns

    Investment ask: INR 45,00,00,000 Financial Inclusion
  • Tusker is a variable-capacity freight network for India's peri-urban and rural markets.

    Investment ask: INR 7,00,00,000 Technology

Impact investing can help improve access to healthcare, education, financial services and clean energy so necessary to bring prosperity for all. It can support women-oriented businesses and enterprise in remote locations generating employment, skills and income that can help reduce inequalities.

Our Entrepreneurs Are Solving Real Problems In India

Impact investing challenges the traditional view that social and environmental issues should be addressed by governments and philanthropic donations, and that market investments should focus solely on financial returns. The impact investing market offers viable opportunities for investors to advance social and environmental solutions through investments that can also generate financial returns.

Invest For Impact

Whether you are a first-time investor or an experienced investor looking for investment opportunities that meet your objectives, baytree can support you through the whole process of finding a deal that works for you, bringing co-investors on board as necessary, helping with execution/ documentation and tracking the social and financial results.



  • Curated start-ups
  • Reputed investors


  • Get investment ready
  • Receive transaction support


  • Measure impact
  • Monitor portfolio

We want to enable a wider audience get involved in addressing our society’s challenges because we believe that what is precious to each of us individually, can only be solved by collective action.

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We understand fundraising is tricky. As an entrepreneur you want to focus on growing your business and have limited knowledge and time to work your way through long lists of potential investors, their requirements and complex financial jargon.

baytree can help you connect with and find investors who are interested in and committed to investing in businesses with a social purpose. We can help get you ready for investment, guide you through what to expect from investors and assist with the transaction process and documentation.

baytree works with a wide range of investors including angels, family offices, foundations and funds. In addition to financial resources, they bring the experience of investing in social businesses and often have sector expertise that can be invaluable for an entrepreneur.

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*Capital at risk. Investors must assess full financial and social risks before making any investments.

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